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About the artwork:

Horton College Remains and the Female Factory, Ross


Exhibited in the The Midlands: Whimsy and Pathos by Mandy Hunniford at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston in 2019.

Horton College was an elite boys’ school that operated from 1855 to 1892 and all that remains of the multi-stored college is its portico. The Ross Female Factory was a prison for transported convict women and their children from 1847 to 1854 and was established for incarceration and to act as a labour supply centre for the gentry.

These two sites represent very different experiences for the early European inhabitants of Tasmania. One was a site for privileged young boys to receive an education that promised futures full of hope and prosperity. The other a workhouse where convict women were punished, and where many of their children died due to the poor living conditions.

About the Cockle Creek to Queenstown collection:

Cockle Creek to Queenstown interprets, with visual images and history, the Tasmanian landscape through a combination of themes. These include: tracing the journeys of the early exploration by the Europeans, the settlement of the Tasmania, the representation of palawa kani, illustrations of the land and its histories and the relationship between the images and text.

About the print on canvas:

Each canvas is hand-stretched over a kiln-dried timber frame and coated with Aquathane-UV liquid laminate. This ensures the prints are fade-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Print comes on premium archival canvas and printed with genuine Canon inks to guarantee the prints are made to the highest standard.

Please note – actual size may vary, size indicates maximum width or height (eg. portrait or landscape).

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Horton College Remains and the Female Factory, Ross – Print

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