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About the artwork:

Farmland, Sassafras 1


Imagine an aerial view of the landscape, showing the verdant colours and productive farmland of Sassafras.  The rich soils, the hay and poppies, create a patchwork tapestry of natural colour bordered by the waters of  the Bass Strait and the Roaring Forties. The westerly winds bring some of the freshest air on earth  as well as clean rains, providing important nutrients for crops to thrive and nourish.

About The Fields collection:

Pockets of quilted farmland scattered through rural Tasmania, show a rich and sustaining land that provides and nourishes. In Spring the lush farmland is an explosion of colours when the fields that have been planted, thrive in the fertile, volcanic soil.

About the print on canvas:

Each canvas is hand-stretched over a kiln-dried timber frame and coated with Aquathane-UV liquid laminate. This ensures the prints are fade-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Print comes on premium archival canvas and printed with genuine Canon inks to guarantee the prints are made to the highest standard.

Please note – actual size may vary, size indicates maximum width or height (eg. portrait or landscape). 

Copyright Mandy Hunniford 2022

Farmland, Sassafras 1 – Print

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