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About the artwork:

Motherwell’s House


American abstract expressionist Robert Motherwell’s house shows one of his remarkable paintings, Elegy to the Spanish Republic. Motherwell painted over 100 of these elegies between 1948-1967, saying they were  ‘funeral songs’  to acknowledge the great loss of lives during the Spanish Civil War and ‘lamentations’ for the grieving families that were left behind.

About the House collection:

A house is a blank canvas until it is lived in.  The houses of treasured artistsa treehouse and a cat called Motown bring life and colour to their timber framed homes.

About the print on canvas:

Each canvas is hand-stretched over a kiln-dried timber frame and coated with Aquathane-UV liquid laminate. This ensures the prints are fade-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Print comes on premium archival canvas and printed with genuine Canon inks to guarantee the prints are made to the highest standard.

Please note – actual size may vary, size indicates maximum width or height (eg. portrait or landscape).

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Motherwell’s House – Print

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