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About the artwork:

The Black Line


Exhibited in The Midlands: Whimsy and Pathos by Mandy Hunniford at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston in 2019.

The Black Line was a notorious military operation against the Palawa people, organised by Lt. Gov. George Arthur in 1830.  The aim of the Black Line was to clear the settled lands of all aboriginal inhabitants by driving away not only the surviving remnants of the Oyster Bay and Big River tribes but also by disrupting social cohesion among the North Midland and Ben Lomond tribes.

The spectacle of an ancient people hunted down on what had been their hunting grounds for tens of thousands of years by settlers who had only recently stepped off their ships, was not one of the Empire’s proudest moments.

This work is an acknowledgement to the Palawa people who have survived  invasion and dispossession and continue to maintain their true identity and culture.

About The Almond Garden collection:

Presenting Tasmanian history in a way that is distinctive in its historical/contemporary narrative, this collection explores several historical events and individuals connected to Campbell Town and the surrounding Midlands area. These include the Black Line, the transit of Venus, a telephone call, a navigator and John McLeod’s extravagant ball.

Copyright Mandy Hunniford 2022

The Black Line – Original

Description: Oil on linen

Size: 87cm x 122cm

Purchase: Original available