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About the artwork:

The Queen River (February 1970)


Mining for copper began in Queenstown in 1892 and over a century 1.5 million tons of iron ore tailings from the local mine, were deposited into the local Queen River. As a child growing up in Queenstown it was common to play on the banks of this polluted river even though we were told not to. For us children it was just another river to play on, making forts in the rain and jumping over its icy rocks.

With childhood memories like nostalgic polaroids, the colours glare in layers of toxic yellow deltas, orange rocks and the dense, grey river. The mined copper significantly contributed to the growth and prosperity of the West Coast and Tasmania but now the Queen River’s strange beauty is edged with sentiments of sadness at its plight.

About the Queenstown collection:

The Queenstown artwork presents a combination of themes: its beautiful, unique but contested landscape, the complex histories of an arts/wilderness/mining town and the connections and closeness of its resilient community.

About the print on canvas:
Each canvas is hand-stretched over a kiln-dried timber frame and coated with Aquathane-UV liquid laminate. This ensures the prints are fade-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Print comes on premium archival canvas and printed with genuine Canon inks to guarantee the prints are made to the highest standard.

Please note – actual size may vary, size indicates maximum width or height (eg portrait or landscape).

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The Queen River (February 1970) – Print

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