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About the artwork:

The Confluence, King and Queen Rivers


Exhibited in Origins – Landscapes of Queenstown by Mandy Hunniford as part of The Unconformity Festival, Queenstown in 2021

Finalist in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize at the South Australian Museum, Adelaide in 2013

The confluence of the King and Queen Rivers is a few kilometres south of Queenstown on the west coast of Tasmania. A confluence is the merging of two rivers and this artwork illustrates the merging of two very different rivers.

The pristine and wild King River flows from the Highlands and is represented in the bands of blue and bracken brown.  The Queen River, polluted by 100 million tons of iron ore tailings over the last century from mining, contrasts with its toxic hues of yellow.

About the Queenstown collection:

The Queenstown artwork presents a combination of themes: its beautiful, unique but contested landscape, the complex histories of an arts/wilderness/mining town and the connections and closeness of its resilient community.

Copyright Mandy Hunniford 2022

The Confluence, King and Queen Rivers – Original

Description: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 61cm x 122cm

Purchase: Original available