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The Transit of Venus

About the artwork:

Exhibited in The Midlands: Whimsy and Pathos by Mandy Hunniford, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston 2019

In 1874 the US Navy sent several teams to various points in the Southern Hemisphere to observe the Transit of Venus. Bad weather meant the team destined for the Crozet Islands in the Southern Indian Ocean could not land. Upon an invitation from Dr. William Valentine, a keen amateur astrologist, the US Navy built a station in the grounds of  his property, ‘The Grange’ at Campbell Town.

The Transit of Venus phenomenon occurs in a cycle of 120 then 12 years – the most recent was 6th June 2012.

About The Almond Garden collection:

Presenting Tasmanian history in a way that is distinctive in its historical/contemporary narrative, this collection explores several historical events and individuals connected to Campbell Town and the surrounding Midlands area. These include the Black Line, the transit of Venus, a telephone call, a navigator and John McLeod’s extravagant ball.

Copyright Mandy Hunniford 2022

The Transit of Venus – Original

Description: Oil on linen

Size: 51cm x 51cm

Purchase: Original available